Profiting From Data with Lowenstein Sandler – Q3 App Annie Wrap

Once a quarter, Eagle Alpha’s director of data strategy and analytics, Ronan Crosson, is joined by Peter Greene and Ben Kozinn from New York law firm, Lowenstein Sandler. These conversations are part of Eagle Alpha’s client-only monthly legal workshops.

In this episode, Peter and Ben discuss this quarter’s most pertinent topic in the alternative data industry surrounding mobile app data provider, App Annie, and the SEC’s decision to charge them with securities fraud. The group addresses the confusion surrounding the use of insider trading law in this securities fraud case, its impact on the decision on the wider market, and provides expert advice for app data buyers following the SEC’s decision.

Please enjoy this dialogue between Peter Greene, Ben Kozinn, and your host, Ronan Crosson.

You can listen to this episode now on Apple Podcasts here.