Profiting From Data with Apptopia’s Jonathan Kay, CEO

Today’s episode features an interview with Jonathan Kay, Founder, and CEO of Apptopia – a global leader in mobile market intelligence.

Jonathan founded Apptopia in 2011 as a competitive intelligence tool for companies with few avenues to digitally benchmark themselves against peers. Now, Apptopia provides accurate estimates of downloads, revenue, and usage for all mobile apps to a wide range of clients, with financial services being the fastest-growing client segment.

Jonathan explains Apptopia’s data gathering process, partnering with app developers and collecting billions of publicly available metadata points for their relational algorithms.

Additionally, they talk about growth in private markets, the importance of a robust compliance process when dealing with data sources in the media spotlight, regional variations for mobile app data, and what’s to come in 2022.

Please enjoy this dialogue between Jonathan Kay, and your host, Niall Hurley.

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