Profiting From Data with EPFR’s Vikram Srimurthy and Elizabeth Badolato

Hello and welcome to Eagle Alpha’s Profiting from Data podcast.

Today’s episode features an interview with Vikram Srimurthy and Elizabeth Badolato from EPFR. EPFR provides fund flows & allocations data to the broader market and is a subsidiary of UK firm, Informa financial intelligence.

In this episode, the guests talk about EPFR’s newest offering – a monthly view of fund flows into over 3,500 individual hedge funds managing over 1.6 trillion in assets.

Additionally, the group discusses how hedge fund data and information around hedge funds is one of the most requested datasets by EPFR’s clients, and dive deeper into insights around fund flows categorized by country.. The conversation focuses on value versus growth, the outperformance of value, and how this has developed since 2019.

Please enjoy this conversation between Vic, Liz and your host, Niall Hurley.

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