Profiting From Data with Omri Orgad, Managing Director NA, Bright Data

This episode features an interview with Omri Orgad, Managing Director, North America at Bright Data.

Omri has worked with Bright Data for 7 years, witnessing the evolution of the firm from a startup to over 200 employees today.

On this episode, Omri talks about Brightdata and their focus on publicly available online data. He brings up the challenges to the adoption of alternative data by institutions, as data and technology, as well as legal and compliance are the existing hurdles to faster adoption.

Omri provides advice to senior managers in banking and insurance, saying that firms can’t exist and truly thrive in today’s world without using data and that online data is the best possible resource to break down both value and risk.

Please enjoy this dialogue between Omri and your host, Eagle Alpha’s CEO, Niall Hurley.

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