Compliance Quarterly with Lowenstein Sandler – March 2021

Hello and welcome to the Profiting from Data podcast.

Today’s episode is a brand-new segment focusing on legal and compliance issues surrounding alternative data. Once a quarter Eagle Alpha’s Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Ronan Crosson, is joined by Peter Greene and Ben Kozinn from New York law firm, Lowenstein Sandler. These conversations are part of Eagle Alpha’s client-only monthly Legal Workshops. Here they will reflect on the most pertinent legal and compliance topics that face the alternative data industry.

In this episode, Peter and Ben discuss due diligence questionnaires, materiality and SEC examinations, exploring whether the Reddit versus Wall Street controversy has had an impact on SEC visits. They provide updates from the HiQ versus LinkedIn web-scraping investigation, as well as new developments in The Weather Channel versus The City of Los Angeles geolocation case. Finally, the guests explore changes surrounding data vendors and rejection, and the very topical developments in China surrounding privacy laws, app tracking, and state secrets.

Please enjoy this dialogue between Peter Greene, Ben Kozinn and your host, Ronan Crosson.