Profiting From Data with John Farrall, Co-Founder 90 West Data

Today’s episode features an interview with John Farrall, Co-Founder of 90 West Data.

John has a background in fundamental equity research and following his time at Cleveland Research started 90 West to take customer transaction data to institutional markets. 90 West Data now provides firms with a platform for the tagging, cleansing & contextualization of large data sets making it easy to derive insights from data.

On this episode, John talks about his decision not to sell data to the sell side, the risks of allocating scarce resources when testing a dataset and his experience as an entrepreneur dealing with hot button issues like PII and MNPI. He also talks about the opportunities around streamlining the entire compliance process, data vendor consolidation and the most interesting datasets for institutional investors in 2021.

Please enjoy this dialogue between John and your host, Emmett Kilduff.

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