Alternative Data for Healthcare

This white paper explores the impact of alternative data sources on the healthcare industry, emphasizing their role in enhancing investment decisions in healthcare startups, therapies, and market trends. It delves into patient-generated data, wearables, mobile health apps, social media discussions, and electronic health records (EHRs) as key non-traditional data sources. The report segments healthcare data into four primary categories: R&D and clinical trials, claims data, medical devices data, and other relevant datasets, underscoring the transformative role of AI in healthcare processes. The paper includes sections on investment trends in pharma and biomed, data availability and its applications, the evolution of the pharma industry through AI, real-world case studies demonstrating successful data utilization, and compliance considerations for investors. This summary offers a glimpse into the comprehensive insights provided in the full report by Eagle Alpha, which further includes additional case studies and details on alternative data providers not covered here. For more detailed information and access to a broad catalog of data products, the report encourages contacting Eagle Alpha directly.

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