We are proud to partner with leading companies to solve end client problems with a combination of solutions and coordination that transform the end client experience. Eagle Alpha focuses on the data aggregation and work jointly with partners to arrive at the desired results for clients. 

Cloud Platform for Analysis & Performance

Research and monitor investments using alternative data. Quickly evaluate new datasets and fold them into your mosaic. Visualize and transform time series, build machine learning KPI prediction models, and backtest quant portfolios – without writing any code.



Data Science On-Demand

For the price of one data scientist, with System2 you get access to a diversified team of data experts with degrees in math, stats, econ, accounting, computer science, engineering, law, psychology, etc.


Data Privacy & Compliance

TripleBlind has created the most complete and scalable solution for privacy-enhancing computation. A software-only solution delivered via a simple API, TripleBlind solves for a broad range of data science use cases.



Partner With Us

If you would like to explore exciting ways to build opportunities with us through a partnership, please contact us.