Inflation Data Hackathon Winner – Seth Leonard’s Team Quantagon

At our 4th Hackathon this year, Team Quantagon, led by Alpha tester Seth Leonard, Founder of OttoQuant took the win, for the second time in a row! Congratulations Team Quantagon! We will be publishing the full analysis in a white paper coming soon. Please register your interest to receive this paper. Through using and blending data from Ascential, Causality Link, LinkUp, Revelio Labs and SpaceKnow Inc., the predictions from OttoQuant at Eagle Alpha's Alternative Inflation Data Hackathon outperformed both the consensus forecast (0.3%) and Cleveland Fed Nowcast (0.36%) for month-on-month inflation in September, with a nowcast of 0.37% using aggregated alternative series. Interestingly, the best performing model was that which used 138 disaggregated alternative data series, with a prediction of 0.43%. The true month-on-month change in the CPI was 0.41%.
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