Eagle Alpha Spotlight – Web Crawling for Data-Driven Decision-Makers

Undoubtedly, alternative data has become more accessible to data buyers of all shapes and sizes, with the most accessible avenue into alternative data being web crawling, or web scraping as it’s also known. Web crawling has been utilized by hedge funds and corporates for several years now and is considered by many to be the “gateway” into the alternative data ecosystem. The reason being that web crawling is a ‘low-risk, high return’ data source. Web crawling offers perfect conditions to achieve buy-in and resourcing and can be implemented with a small team of analysts and engineers. This Spotlight report explores web crawling by outlining the most pertinent case studies from our vast library of content accessible through the Data Strategy platform, as well as exploring leading web crawled data providers available to view and connect with through our Discovery and Prioritisation solution. We have included case studies for each category to provide some real-world examples of how web crawling can improve the decision-making process for both financial services firms as well as corporates and provide insights that are not readily available through the analysis of traditional forms of data. 

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