Eagle Alpha Spotlight – Social Data

To evaluate all the components of the S-Pillar, the paper will review social data vendors in 3 parts: Part I: Social Capital, Part 2: Human Capital and Part 3: AI & NLP for Social Analysis. There is no one vendor that covers all categories of social data in detail. This report aims to help readers identify and understand which vendors can cover each of the social categories, what regions they cover, the granularity of the datasets and other key metrics of these data vendors’ datasets. With the introduction of new sustainable finance disclosure regulations and taxonomies from the UN and across the EU, North America, and Asia, it is more important now than ever to understand ESG data and where investors can source reliable ESG data. Mandatory and non-mandatory ESG reporting obligations vary massively by region. Researchers have highlighted 1750 sustainability reporting provisions across 60 countries worldwide. And these reporting regulations are in constant flux. Just this year both the EU and the SEC in the US have signalled their intention to tighten non-financial disclosure requirements, though we are some way off a single harmonized global system. The shifting and inconsistent requirements have increased the importance of alternative datasets from independent third parties when assessing the ESG credentials of an investment.

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