Eagle Alpha Spotlight – Environmental Data

What is ‘ESG data’? We hear the term ESG Data in the financial vertical a lot but what does ESG Data actually consist of? Over a series of three papers, Eagle Alpha is going the break down each of the three ESG pillars. We will also publish a fourth paper exploring ESG natural language processing (NLP) providers and other providers of ESG scoring datasets. With the introduction of new sustainable finance disclosure regulations and taxonomies from the UN and across the EU, North America, and Asia, it is more important now than ever to understand ESG data and where investors can source reliable ESG data so that they can understand how the make-up of their portfolios and offerings are impacting their sustainable investing goals. If the raw environmental data that you plan to incorporate is not accurate this might be more detrimental than no raw environmental data at all. With the ever-increasing ‘E’ datasets, it is vital to source science-based evidence that the dataset you wish to incorporate is accurate and fits your intended use case.

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