Eagle Alpha Spotlight: Data Privacy and Alternative Data (Edition 2)

This paper pulls together publicly available data along with insights from vendor interviews and Eagle Alpha’s proprietary articles and webinars. Furthermore, the paper also leans heavily on insights from our legal partners, New York law firm Lowenstein Sandler, who are regular contributors to our content as well as several data providers who offered additional perspectives. We have grouped our insights into 5 key sections: • Major data privacy trends affecting alternative data, • Data sources in the regulatory spotlight and the legal cases that surround them, • A section that looks beyond regulation to how companies are self-regulating and restricting the way data is tracked and collected, • Considerations beyond regulation, such as the developing perceptions of consumers and how “gatekeepers” are impacting data collection and availability. • An in-depth analysis on important developments being introduced by “gatekeepers” like Apple and Google, and how these changes are impacting the mobile app ecosystem in particular.
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